Welcome to our world

Welcome to our world as we travel the globe together...

In the seven years we have been a couple our dream has always been to travel together. Work commitments and study has always held us back however, the wanderlust feeling in our hearts could not be suppressed any longer and two years ago we decided to put all of our efforts in to saving and planning an unforgettable life experience.

The first thing we knew we needed was money, and lot's of it! Both of us worked numerous jobs each, which meant many weekends and evenings putting in over time and often being passing ships in the night. It was months and months of hard work and determination which sometimes wore us down but we always knew it would be so worth it in the end. And dam we were right!

The second thing we needed was knowledge. We have both been lucky enough to go on many holidays around the world in our time but nothing can quite prepare you for a trip like this one! Hours and hours were spent researching into the cheapest yet best options for many things such as; flights, places to visit, time scales, accommodation... I could go on and on. Using site comparison websites, reading endless Lonely Planet books (which cost a fortune - buy on ebay) and speaking to travel agents etc. is good and helpful but the most fun, inspiring and helpful way to research is by reading blogs of fellow travellers who have done this and know exactly how it works.

This has inspired us to create our blog 'Together We Travel', not only can our friends and family follow our journey more closely but we can help all of those wanting to travel and needing a little friendly advice.

Next up we will share with you our journey of planning including some handy tips, before we share the story of British Colombia, Canada - our first stop.

You can also keep up to date with where we are by viewing our photography and Go Pro films via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

With love from The Globe,

Isabelle & George x

Currently in New Zealand.

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